Illuminate your space with modern flair using our curated collection. Explore sleek designs with modern light fixtures, add a visually striking focal point with geometric fixtures, and elevate your ambiance with designer lighting. Whether it’s modern appeal, geometric shapes, or designer aesthetics, our collection offers diverse options for a touch of luxury in your surroundings.

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Modern Metal And Acrylic Strip Outdoor Wall Lamp, Black

$89.99 $39.99

Modern Metal Geometric Dining Room Ceiling Light, Black, Trichromatic Light

$119.99 $49.99

Modern Metal And Acrylic Round Living Room Ceiling Light, Black/White, Trichromatic Light

$119.99 $49.99

Modern Metal Annular Hallway Ceiling Light, Black/White, Trichromatic Light

$389.99 $139.99

Modern Metal Geometric Bedroom Ceiling Light, Black/Gold

$119.99 $49.99

Modern Metal And Glass Bubble Kitchen Island Pendant Light, 10 Color


Modern Metal Linear Bedroom Pendant Light, Black, Trichromatic Light


Contemporary Metal Rectangular Outdoor Wall Lamp, Black/ Grey/White, Trichromatic Light

$59.99 $29.99